What makes Saluda Hill unique in contrast to the competition?

Saluda Hill is not unique in the services it offers (landscape design and installation, construction, grounds maintenance, nursery) however; we are unique in the way that we offer them. Saluda Hill, Incorporated is company built on three core values: customer service, empowerment and systemizing procedures. It is these core values that have allowed Saluda Hill to grow and develop into a multi-disciplinary company without compromising the integrity of the company. Every company is about making a profit, but more importantly, Saluda Hill focuses on developing its employees into leaders, treating customers with only the highest level of customer service and systemizing procedures to ensure repeatable, quality, cost effective solutions for each task.

Saluda Hill has grown strategically by creating highly systemized procedures. In doing so, our product and services are highly consistent in quality, our ability to complete work in a timely manner is ensured and our confidence to work with your schedule is certain.

In addition, we shine when two or more of our divisions combine talents on the same projects. Our motto to "make it happen" is evidenced by the synergy of support trades working together.

Explain how the different divisions of Saluda Hill can work together on the same project.

Each division of Saluda Hill operates as a separate company and would complete one phase of production beginning with the landscape design all the way to the maintenance of the property after the install is complete. An example of a Saluda Hill client that would benefit from the cooperative work of all five Saluda Hill divisions is a large homebuilder who also develops his communities. In this scenario, Saluda Hill Design Group would work closely with developers in initial phases of projects for land planning, master planning and incorporation of entrances and amenity features.

Saluda Hill Landscaping would coordinate complete land and irrigation packages to be installed turn-key through out the neighborhood. Saluda Hill Landscaping would also work closely with Saluda Hill Construction to install the entrance and amenities in a turn-key fashion.

Also, Saluda Hill Construction (who's specialty is production flatwork), would also work for the developer to form and pour slabs, driveways and sidewalks for homes in the community. To put the finishing touches and ensure long-term, quality curb appeal, Saluda Hill Grounds Maintenance would take over responsibility in maintaining all the common areas in the community.

As a bonus, Landscape Suppliers (a wholesale/retail nursery), as a division of Saluda Hill is an invaluable resource for providing on-going assistance with landscape planning for homeowners.

As you can see, the combined resources of Saluda Hill, Incorporated is an invaluable asset to any developer or builder.

How do Saluda Hill's core values affect our customers?

Saluda Hill is where it is today because of our customers. By implementing a management structure, you can rest assured that your decision will be made at the lowest possible level. This enables us to provide you with the best customer service.

The systems that Saluda Hill has implemented allow us to provide quality, efficient work at the lowest possible cost. Our systems are much like "creative assembly lines." In an assembly line the same process is repeated time and time again. Constant tweaking along the way refines the process itself. In this same manner, each Saluda Hill division has systems in place that can be easily repeated with each project. The project requirements will vary - that's where the "creative" part comes into play - but the process by which the work is completed will be the same every time.

Are your services more quality based or value based?

Both. We realized early on that you can't cut corners to save a dollar if you intend to produce quality work. That's where the highly systemized structure comes in. By greatly increasing efficiency; attracting and hiring sharp, energetic people and aggressively shopping for quality materials, we have achieved incredible value in our high quality services.

Why Should I choose Saluda Hill Design Group?

We are a team of professionals that specialize in residential site development and master planning. We design community entrances, parks, green spaces, recreational facilities, amenity centers, children's recreational facilities, nature trails, sports complexes and many others. We also prepare professionally drafted plans and full color renderings for architectural review and marketing purposes. We fully administrate all of our design/build projects to ensure the work is completed properly and in a timely manner.

As a multi-disciplinary company, Saluda Hill, Inc. has many more professionals in-house than most landscape architectural firms. We have professionals in the areas of horticulture, arboriculture, landscape architecture and general contracting. We work directly with our brick/stone masons and landscapers on all of our design/build projects to ensure a smooth transition into the field. Having all of our contractors in-house allows us to be efficient in cost and production. Direct communication is an invaluable asset. It gives us the ability to identify problems before they arise and quickly solve problems in the field when they do arise.

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