Irrigation Services

Our knowledgeable staff uses the most advanced products to ensure you have the most efficient lawn irrigation system. From watering your lawn, flower beds, or gardens, we have the expertise to handle all your watering needs with the right products for the most efficient irrigation system.

We offer

  • Set Up or Timer Adjustments

  • Sprinkler Adjustments, Additions, or Removals

  • System Maintenance & Repairs

  • System Installation



How do I adjust my irrigation heads?

Saluda Hill Landscapes uses Hunter and RainBird irrigation systems. Please refer to the links below for help adjusting heads and setting timers.

Hunter Irrigation System Programming Tutorial

How to Adjust the Arc on Your Rain Bird 3.0 5000 Roter

How to Adjust the Radius on Your Rain Bird 3.0 5000 Roter

RainBird ESP-TM2 Controller Programming Tutorial.