Wendell Furtick, Founder & Owner

Wendell is the President and Owner of Saluda Hill Landscapes. Wendell earned his Bachelor of Science in Agronomy with a minor in Horticulture from Clemson University. After graduation, he was very eager to use the knowledge he learned in school. He founded the company in 1991, and has been making it happen ever since.


Shaun Yoho, Office Manager

Shaun is our multi-talented office manager. She’s been with Saluda Hill for about fourteen years, and she can do it all! All of Shaun's experience makes her the most amazing, customer service-oriented person around. Contact Shaun


John Hackney, Chief Operating Officer

John is our amazing Chief Operating Officer of 15 years. Contact John


Phil Soltes, Design/Build DM

Phil is our passionate manager of the design/build division. Phil attended West Virginia University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. With a total of twenty years of experience in the field of Landscape Architecture, Phil has spent the past thirteen years dedicated to Saluda Hill where he creates beautiful wow factors for residential and commercial projects. Contact Phil

Eric edited_.jpg

Eric Fannin, Landscaping DM

Eric is the manager of the landscaping division! Eric has about eighteen years of landscaping and irrigation experience under his belt, and he’s been with Saluda Hill for almost eighteen years as well. Contact Eric


Chris Browy, Grounds Maintenance DM

Chris is the manager of the grounds maintenance division. Chris has about eleven years of commercial landscaping experience under his belt, and he’s been with our company for a little over two years now as a manager. Contact Chris

Michael Clayton, Nursery Manager

Contact Michael